Jul 23, 2014

What happened to Dropcam Tabs?

Dropcam Tabs, the movement sensor for the Dropcam Pro, which was announced in May of this year, seems to have mysteriously disappeared from Dropcam.com.

Dropcam Tabs Delayed / Cancelled

Update 8/1/2014

Here we go with the "official announcement" from Dropcam; received this form email and I assume other Tabs pre-order customers have as well. Amazon is no longer accepting pre-orders, either.

Update 7/29/2014

Having received no refund yet, I called Dropcam today about my order. The rep indicated the refund would be coming and also told me that Tabs are not being released for the time being. I asked if they are cancelled or just delayed, and the rep wasn't sure; she said they are being delayed now, but doesn't know anything beyond that.

Update 7/23/2014

Confirming my suspicions, it appears that Dropcam has delayed and/or cancelled their Tabs. If this is so, there is some disorganization, since they are still taking pre-orders at Amazon. Nobody online is reporting this, including Dropcam, and the few questions asked about Dropcam Tabs on twitter, starting around July 18 by people wondering about where they went, have gone unanswered.

A few minutes ago I did receive a response from Dropcam customer service about my charged order. Respectful of the service rep, my preference is not to quote the entirety of an email between two people, but pertinent statements were:

due to the Nest acquisition we are reassessing our product plans, including Tabs
, and
You will be refunded in full for your purchase I apologize for the inconvenience as the tabs will not be released at this time.

So there we have it. My guess is we see Dropcam quietly announce the delay or discontinuation of Tabs shortly.

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Dropcam Tabs Missing In Action

Originally posted morning of 7/23/2014

I first noticed something strange when, earlier this week, I failed to see mention of Dropcam Tabs on the parent site. I googled "Dropcam Tabs" and, as of yesterday, saw this (similar results today):

Of these links the tabs one resolves back to dropcam.com. A screen-grab of Google's cached version of the page, which I grabbed yesterday:

Googling/Binging "Dropcam tabs specifications" returns this link at the top: http://support.dropcam.com/entries/61618486-Dropcam-Tabs-Specifications. Yesterday this link was still working and provided this (I screen-grabbed today from google cache):

Today, the link is gone; the site says I don't have access or the topic is deleted.

This link still works, though: http://blog.dropcam.com/look-whats-next/, but Dropcam hasn't yet responded to the two questions at the end of the post inquiring as to status. Dropcam has not yet responded to the query I posted on their G+ circle under the main Dropcam Tabs announcement of May 6. Dropcam's Facebook & Twitter pages are highly active, but Dropcam has not mentioned Tabs on either one since May.

When Dropcam Tabs were announced in May, I pre-ordered one at dropcam.com. I was actually charged the $29 on my credit card on June 27th. In the email: "Your order is now being processed and we have charged your credit card on file. We’ll be sending a shipping confirmation email very soon.". It's now almost four weeks later and no word. I submitted a ticket yesterday on order status and will update this post when I hear back. Further, it's no longer possible to pre-order the Tab on dropcam.com. It is still possible on Amazon and a few other sites, however.

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