Oct 27, 2014

Amazon releases the best deal ever in home streaming

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Through 10/29/2014 only, Prime customers can buy Amazon's new streaming device for $20.

Today Amazon has announced their new Fire TV Stick This is priced at $40, but Prime members can buy it for $20 for the next two days. It appears the initial lot is already sold out, as the website now tells customers that "orders placed today will ship after the release date".

In my opinion, this is the best deal in streaming devices ever. When Chromecast was released a year ago, we saw a $35 streaming device. In my view its greatest shortcoming (and the reason we rarely use ours) is the need for a smartphone or tablet as a remote. The Fire TV has a dedicated remote, is almost half the price, and substantially more powerful. Chromecast 2.0 is expected shortly, but I can't see it matching today's announcement in terms of rock-bottom pricing (even if it does come with a remote). I returned my Fire TV shortly after buying it earlier this year, but Amazon's stick will replace my Chromecast.

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