Apr 5, 2014

Amazon's Fire TV User Interface & Voice Search Performance

I recently picked up the just-launched Amazon Fire TV.


Although I have an Apple TV (3rd gen), a Chromecast, a PS3, and PS4, I use the Apple TV for the bulk of my streaming, because its dedicated remote is highly functional (the lack of remote is why I use the Chromecast the least), and the device is reliable and quite quick.

I bought the Fire TV for two main reasons: 1) it's the fastest dedicated-streaming device on the market, 2) it has voice search. I'm always on the lookout for more speed, but in particular using the Apple TV remote to input text is a burden.

As the video (my apologies on the contrast--I'm quite inept as a videographer!) demonstrates, this is indeed a quick unit. Its voice search also works well, but mainly it covers only Amazon content; Vevo and Hulu Plus are included, but Netflix, Youtube, and others are not. I hope (and frankly expect) this to be fixed in the future.

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